• Siddharth Sehra

How Publishers Can Ensure Ad-Fill Rates & Good e-CPM?

Throughout the mobile ad world, you will come across see the word fill rate. What it means or how do you use this to generate revenue from your mobile apps?

What’s Fill Rate?

The number of ad requests answered divided by several requests sent. shown in a percentage, fill rate enables you to ensure that you take benefit of each opportunity for displaying the ads in your mobile app.

Getting 100% of fill rate is a perfect situation, but tough to achieve. The network errors, users leaving the page or app before an ad gets delivered and timeouts are generally a few reasons why an ideal 100% of fill rate hardly ever happens.

Important to note, the fill rate will change with time since it depends on the ad inventory in every country.

Effect of Fill Rate on eCPM

The high fill rate states that ad reactions were delivered irrespective of an eCPM of an ad. It gives publishers a high chance of making greater revenues just by displaying several ads possible in the integrated placements and seizing all opportunities for showing ads. As more and more ads are getting displayed when having the high fill rate, and more impressions get generated and thus eCPM measurement can reduce.

Importance of Fill Rate For Publishers

For each ad request that does not get filled and each ad not displayed to users, the publishers lose out on their potential earnings. For this reason, it is very important to ensure fill rates are on high always.

A publisher might have a popular app or site that generates very good traffic; however, if the app or site fails in getting or displaying ads then the opportunity to generate revenue is lost. For instance, if you have a 50% fill rate it means half of the traffic isn’t seeing any new ads, so you are losing around 50% of ad revenue opportunity.

Let us say an app has around 40% of fill rate and 1% of CTR and 1USD CPC, so for 1 million ad requests, the app will get a revenue of over 4000 USD. Suppose eCPM and other things remain unchanged then a boost increase in the fill rate to over 80% can double your revenue to over 8000 USD. This means, without changing the app popularity, the right selection of the ad delivery partner will significantly increase its revenue.

Different Ways of Maximizing the Fill Rate

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you may have understood that publishers must not only aim to increase the ad fill rate. Their effort must be focused to strategize the targeting, ad placement as well as app improvement for the revenue generation.

The result of all the efforts must be a rightly done user experience, chances for the high yields just by going for the highest CPMs, as well as optimizing the ad network performance for monetizing the ad inventory.