• Siddharth Sehra

Mobile User Acquisition - Campaign checklist

Mobile user acquisition is a term used for attracting customers to download or buy your app and use it. Getting new users will happen through paid or unpaid (organic) media such as mobile ad networks, incentivized mobile networks and social advertising (via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others).

An essential part of any marketing strategy, mobile user acquisition can be employed during the soft launch, in which developers pre-launch any app in the select markets or run mobile user acquisition campaigns to examine app monetization and retention before its launch worldwide. During this soft launch, mobile UA campaigns will provide information where the creatives and the supply networks work best and bring the best-quality users at an affordable price after an app is launched completely.

The app developers will run user acquisition campaigns to bring in the valuable users who can continue networking with the app or generate revenue via in-app purchases or ads.

Initial Step for Mobile UA Strategy

You must start your mobile UA strategy by categorizing the right users. Undoubtedly, it’s important to know your users before you invest any money in the big marketing campaign checklist. The risk will be targeting wrong users and that can make even the top UA strategy futile. Thus, it is recommended to publish your application in just a few countries initially that is known as the soft launch. It allows you to analyze the specific user segments like, who all want to download or keep your app.

When doing so, you must think of the following concerns:

What are your users interested in? Which other application do they like to use? What are they looking for on Google and app stores? What do they like talking about? Which social media networks will you find them? How long are they keeping your mobile app on their phones? You can check it by using the tracking providers to evaluate the session period and retention rate. Who are they currently following? What about demographics gender, age, education, marital status, etc.?

Think about the answers to every question when planning your mobile UA strategy! Hence, you can target the specific audience instead of too many (potential) users, who might not be much interested in networking with your app.

Certain kinds of advertisements work much better for mobile UA than others, and it includes:

Video ads, banner ads, Native ads, Social ads

Last Tips to Consider

To ensure your mobile UA strategy is successful, we would like to give you a piece of advice. You can consider these tips when launching your actual mobile user acquisition campaign!

Never Reveal Everything Too Fast!

Ensure you do not reveal everything at one go! Announce updates or upcoming features slowly to keep your users curious or intrusive in what is new to come in the market.

Measure Your Success Regularly! For each marketing campaign, it’s essential to know which media channels provide you the best outcomes. Naturally, mobile user acquisition is a process that changes enduringly. So, you need to measure its success and efficiency constantly and, when essential, change your approach. Or, you won’t know if your current mobile UA strategy is going right or pointless.

Don’t Stop Testing!

Once again, you want to know which media channels work right for your app. Thus, you need to change your UA strategy and methods frequently to compare its results and check out the effective ones.

Last But Not the Least: Retain Your Current Users!

The most crucial factor for an app to be successful is user retention. Thus, generating users must not be the only thing for your mobile user acquisition strategy. Remember to update your mobile app and reach your users regularly to retain them!